Band Stars


Create your own musical group and help it rise to the top



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Band Stars is a management game in which you have to create a musical group starting from the very beginning. The goal is to bring it to the top of the charts around the world.

At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a name for your band and who will form part of it. Once you have all of the members of your group, you can start to record songs. For each song, you have to choose what kind of music you will play (hip hop, pop, rock...) and the topic of the song (love, rebellion, sadness...).

Once you have chosen all of those parameters, you have to see how the band members do in the recording studio. As you progress through the game and if you do well, you can unblock new band members, each of whom has his or her own style and skills.

Band Stars is a very enjoyable management game. In many ways, it will remind you of the great Game Dev Story, but changing the focus from video games to music. And just like the classic game from Kairosoft, Band Stars is a game that seems simple, but is really a lot of fun.

You need at least 130 megabytes of free space on your device.


Requires Android 4.0.3 or later.

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